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Miscellaneous Star Trek Collectibles:

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Tv Guides Collection Of All Four 3037 $5.00

Collection of all four 30th Anniversary TV Guides, when placed
next to each
other, the pictures of the four captains complete the
Star Trek Logo. Was only available in 1997 for that one week!
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Communicator Badge3 3016 $10.00

View the Pictures
Hear the Sound

Comm badge features authentic Klingon Sound & Voice as on the
television series. Badge attaches magnetically to the sound module worn behind a shirt. This prevents damage to clothing. Klingon
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9'' Klingon Warrior 65392 $10.00

This new 9" version of the klingon is not the typical playmates
figure that represents a certain star trek character. It's a far out
fantasy, Spawn-Style Action Figure that you just MUST SEE!  
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Tribble Key Chainn 3018 $10.00

Klingons beware, tribbles are on the lose! These cute little furry
creatures are everybody's favorite alien. Pull the string and make
them wiggle and purr. (Write preferred color in comments box!)
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Space Ships -  Mini Playsets - Stike Force

This section consists of 16 authentic replicas of star trek space
ships, 5 highly detailed mini play sets like klingon & borg temple 
phaser, tricorder, communicator, and 4 sets of mini play figures.



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