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Christmas Gift Ideas

  Take at look at our Hallmark Page for more rare collectibles
Hallmark Ornament/ USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Hallmark Ornament/ Shuttle Galileo Hallmark Ornament/ USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D
The Classic Enterprise 
Was the first Hallmark Star Trek
ornament, it was released in 1991
for Star Trek's 30 th Anniversary.
This was also the Year the creator
of Star Trek  Mr. Gene Roddenberry
died.  This is a extremely rare item.
The Classic Shuttle Craft
was released in 1992 and
features the voice of Spock.
Although it is a really nice
replica of the classic shuttle
it has never become as rare
as the Original Enterprise.
The Enterprise NCC-1701,
from the Star Trek TVshow
'The Next Generation', was
released in 1993, followed
 by other ornaments such as
the 'Klingon Bird Of Prey',
and another one every year.
 $300.00 $20.00 $50.00

Some more gift ideas for your favorite Star Trek Toy Collector!

From The Classic Movie - The Wrath Of Khan

12" Tall




Two most detailed action figures
Playmates has ever made, (1999)
Admiral Kirk  &  Captain Spock.

These extremely well made, rare action figures sell for over $100.00 in most stores.

12" Captain Spock
Only $50.00

12" Admiral Kirk
Only $50.00 each


The Space Ship Enterprise Nx-01

From The TV Show Enterprise.
With sounds of phaser cannons,
torpedo launcher, impulse drive
and many other original sounds.
Light up warp nacelles and also
comes with a cool display stand.

Enterprise NX-01

Starship Enterprise NX-01
With Lights, Sounds & Display Stand
Only $50.00

Don't forget The Captain!
7" Captain Archer Figure.
Only $10.00

From Star Trek The Next Generation - A Fist Full Of Data's

Hollodeck Diorama with
Sherriff Worf, Alexander & Data as Eli Hollander.

Sold Separately

5" Worf, Alexander  & Data Set Stock No 65191



All Three 5" Action Figure & Diorama Display Set
Only $5.00



The Captains Of Star Trek - 9"Action Figures

Captain Kirk

Captain Picard
The Next Generation

Captain Sisko
Deep Space Nine

Captain Janeway

Only $20.00

Only $10.00

Only $10.00

Only $30.00

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