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Star Trek Movie Assortment No 6450

This first set of 5" Classic Star Trek Action Figures consists of 10
highly detailed characters inspired by star trek movies. Each figure
includes a movie picture, accessories and base, just follow the link.

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30th Anniversary Assortment No 6430

The second set was inspired by the classic TV series and consists
of 14 figures, each again with a picture, accessories and a base. It
was specially made for the 30th anniversary of star trek, see them! 

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1997 - 1998

Classic Warp Factor Assortment No 65100

The warp factor and last set has 8 classic figures that bring back
memories of certain star trek shows and it rounds up the missing
characters of Ilia, Andorian, and more, just take a look at them. 

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Classic Transporter Series No 65400

This collection consists of 9 classic star trek figures standing on the
transporter pad of the enterprise. They appear to be only half way
materialized and you can activate the lights and transporter sounds.

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1995 - 1999

Classic Figures Sets, And Store Exclusives

The section consists of 5 different figure sets and 3 store exclusives

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7" Classic Star Trek Figures Assortments

This first wave of the Classic Action Figures consists of Captain Kirk,
Mr. Spock, Dr. Mc Coy, Uhura
and the villain Khan Noonien Singh!
 just click on the link above. 

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