9" B'Elanna Torres  (Custom - Do It Your Self - Hobby Kit)

To make your own 9" B'Elanna Torres (which Playmates has never made) you need Tuvok's Uniform
and Box, a B'Elanna Torres Sticker for the box, and a Female Body, for which we use Edith Keeler,
but most of all you need the B'Elanna Torres Head which i created my self, to make it a Complete Kit!  
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 right click, save & print!
looks best on photo paper!

The B'Elanna Torres head is straight out of the mould, so you have to sand it lightly, remove any unwanted
sharp edges with a hobby knife and finally paint it, the picture above shows the rough and the painted head.
Then undress Tuvok and put his uniform on Edith Keeler, remove her head and replace it with your freshly
painted B'Elanna Torres head, finally glue the B'Elanna Torres sticker on Tuvok's box, and you are done!

Use Tuvok's Uniform & Box Add it to Edith Keeler's body Put B'Elanna's head on, DONE!

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9" Lt. B'Elanna Torres Kit Stock No 3020

Kit includes: 1 Tuvok, 1 Edith Keeler, 1 B'Elanna Torres head



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